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Roofing Consultancy


Quality Assurance

We are trusted by roofing contractors, principal contractors and waterproofing manufacturers to carry out thorough and rigorous quality assurance on flat roofing installations. Whether it’s hot melt, single ply membranes, liquid applied waterproofing or built-up felt we offer a quality assurance package that will suit your needs.

Roof Leak Investigation

Our depth on knowledge and expertise assisted by our specialist electronic leak detection equipment allow us to undertake complex leak investigations on existing buildings.

Roof Warranty Inspection

Waterproofing manufacturer’s stipulate that roof membranes must be inspected every six months in accordance with BS6229:2018 to maintain their warranty. We complete thorough regular inspections and provide a report showing any items of concern. Download our free roof maintenance checklist to see what’s involved.

Moisture Mapping

We offer a flat roof moisture mapping service, using state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate and reliable results.

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Roof Maintenance Checklist

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